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Inspiration~ Mori Kei

Hello my deers!
Maybe you have heard about Mori Kei (or Mori Girls). It's a fashion subculture that originated from Japan. It literally translates to "forest girl". It's one of the main inspirations for El Taller de los Ciervos, and it's very autumnal,but today I wanted to share with you some Mori Kei outfits perfect for Spring.
This style features loose dresses and jackets, earthy colors and vintage inspired accesories. And that's our thing!
There is a list of rules for the perfect Mori Girl:
You like loose fitting dressesYou always wear dresses and skirtsYou prefer slightly quirky clothes over simple ones(but you don’t like loud and flashy clothes)You look natural, but with your own styleYou are particular about fabricsYou like ethnic clothes, tooYou wear A-line clothes
You like wearing dresses that little girls would wear, tooYou like smock-like dresses and blousesYou don’t like super sweet fashionYou like deep colors like Burgundy, Fukamidori (dark green, #…

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