Mermaid chokers

Hi my deers!

Yes, I know that I was just fangirling about Autumn in the last post, but some of my friends are still missing the sunny days, the sea and the sand on their feet. With all that Summer nostalgia around me I thought about telling you how I made the mermaid chokers that were so popular this Summer on El Taller de los Ciervos. 

I made the chokers in black, pink and blue, and I made more chokers in glitter-ish blue to make sets. I really enjoy buying jewelry on sets and almost everything I made for El Taller de los Ciervos is sold alone, so I wanted to offer the velvet chokers on sets.

The shell is made with resin and glitter!

The chokers have three hoops to close them at different lenght. The glitter-ish one is elastic and the velvet one is very soft, so they are very comfortable to wear. I chose one for me, do you know which colour I picked? 


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