Atumn crafts!

Hi my deers!

Are you looking for a new idea to spend the Sunday away from the computer? Or maybe you want to have fun making new decorations for your home? Check this!

1. Find some tiny sticks and glue them to an old and boring glass to make a new candle holder!

2. Make a pine cone fairy! You can find the tutorial here.

3. Pick a bunch of acorns and paint them with your favourite colors. You cant fill a glass jar with them and use it to decorate your living room!

4. Talking about home decor... Check this if you are looking ofr a trendy and lovely way to give your home a Autumn vibe. You only need a glass jar, pine cones and led lights:

5. Leaf printing is an amazing activity to do with kids, but it's also a fantastic way to decorate paper envelopes for your future Christmas cards or to make a lovely print on craft paper to wrap gifts. Try to paint the leaves with golden paint and print them on the paper while the paint it's still wet!


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