About us


I'm LaWi, the creator behind El Taller de los Ciervos. I was born in 1988 and I'm a journalist who loves photography, alternative fashion and vintage postcards. I love deers, too.

El Taller de los Ciervos was born in 2012 in Tenerife, a small island on the Atlantic Ocean. The name means "Deer's Atelier" in Spanish and the first designs were bracelets and necklaces inspired by the life on the forest and fairy tales. 

The early years

Now El Taller de los Ciervos offers a lot of accesories for your favourite outfits inspired in aesthetics as Lolita fashion, Mori kei and Pastel kei. Everything here is handmade and there's only a few pieces of every design!

Some of our latest designs


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