Coordinate ideas!

Hi my deers!

Lolita fashion has always been a huge inspiration for me. I always feel inspired and happy thinking about Lolita fashion, it's aesthetics and subculture when I design a new collection of El Taller de los Ciervos. I am a Lolita myself so I try to make necklaces, rings, bracelets... that I would love to wear with my favourite outfits:

This globe ring with a resin rose inside it's perfect for a soft- toned Classic Lolita outfit. You can see it with a Emily Temple Cute skirt on the background. 

My favourite Classic Lolita brand is Innocent World, so I enjoy wearing clock-shaped necklaces with my IW's skirt. This one shows a "Alice in Wonderland" scene on it. 

Steampunk Paris necklace, perfect for Classic or Steampunk Lolita! And it's on sale!

I had so much fun making this necklace with blue clay, glass, resin and metal. It took several hours to made it!

The only shade of yellow I like: This pale tone that reminds me of vanilla ice cream. That's why one of my favourite Emily Temple Cute dresses and this cute ribbon ring are like that!

I love cameo necklaces. I will use this one with Classic Lolita always!


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